Recent Events

Recent Activities:

  • Chapter Presentation, INCOSE Enchantment Chapter, Sept. 13, 2017; using GlobalMeet, 3;30 pm PST; GlobalmeetSeven; entitled “Beyond Biomimicry to Systems Mimicry”
  • Annual Conference, International Society for the Systems Sciences, 2017, Vienna, Austria, July 9 to 14. More than six hours of presentations as follows:
    • Troncale1
    • Emerson
    • Buckle
    • Friendshuh
    • Troncale2
    • Giammarco
    • Katina
    • Tuddenham
    • Troncale3
  • The Powerpoints for each of the above can be found under “Shared Documents” under the “Working Group” pull down menu
  • Papers for each of the above can also be found in the Proceedings