Shared Documents

This section contains papers and powerpoints that are fundamental to initiation of the ISSP or to its early services. It is provided as a convenient means of sharing large MB contributions between active administrators and members.

FIVE POWERPOINTS ON EARLY ISSP PLANS DELIVERED AT ISSS’17 VIENNA, AUSTRIA The largest file of 173 slides on “A Survey of All The Domains of Systems Pathology” could not be uploaded because even with all the graphics deleted, it was still 51 MB, or beyond the limit of WordPress to mount on this website. Go to Troncale’s Dropbox to see this INTRO

’17 SPT-RDB Plans 42s

’17 SysBio as SysPath 28s

’17 Caveats on SysPath 27s

’17 ISSP Website Plans 15s

’17 ISSP Current Status (Sm’17) 25s